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Is an online personalised reading system that recommends eBooks based on each reader's reading ability scale, in order to allow the reader to improve their command of the Chinese language through reading


Adaptive placement test

A quick online test which uses adaptive techniques to quickly determine a new learner’s existing competency level of Chinese language.

Placement Tests to Determine Reader's Ability.
Dudu determines each student's reading proficiency in three steps:

Automated reading programme

An online reading comprehension environment that enables a learner to do self-paced reading of Chinese passages. The programme provides ability-leveled passages that have already been classified by the system using an automated algorithm. The quiz questions found in these passages test the understanding of the learner, and the programme monitors his/her progress over time. More advanced passages will automatically be provided as the learner’s ability improves.

Personalised Learning Tailored to Student's Abilities.

Dudu introduced a self-paces, personalised learning system for the Chinese language by providing students with eBooks that are appropriately matched to their reading abilities.

  1.  Student answers quizzes well
  2.  Student's reading ability improves
  3.  Dudu recommends more books suitable  
     for the student
  4.  Student reads levelled eBooks

Levelled eBooks to Froster Stronger Readers

Different reader will have different Chinese reading comprehension proficiency levels.
The readers have a varying degree of learning needs, and this requires a more appropriate learning strategy for each reader.