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Premium ePublishing System

eBigator is a web-based system designed for a seamless user experience reading digital publications. These include e-books, electronic magazines, and digital versions of newspaper. The system supports popular client desktop and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.



Accurate PDF/ePUB3 Conversion
Using modern technologies, the system provides amazingly accurate rendering of sources files converted from pdf on devices.

Catalog / Customer Management
  • The system is highly configurable and flexible to handle large volume of users and content updates
  • Catalogs and publishers are meta-tagged for ease of searching and house keeping

Digital Rights Management
The system prevents unauthorized redistribution of digital publications and restrict the ways users can copy content they have purchased using personal encryption keys

User Experience
  • Allows users to read a book using standard features like search, bookmarks
  • Simplified purchase process to make payment for digital publications quick and easy

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