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Delivering the Maths National Curriculum (GCSE)

Primary & Secondary School Maths Worksheets


The 10ticks Worksheets are delivered digitally and are used by millions around the world in both primary and secondary schools. The Worksheets Licence contains over 7900 high quality maths worksheets and also features the Search Tool facility.

A proven, successful and trusted resource

10Ticks is a trusted, quality brand that has been around since 2000 and is the UK's no 1 most used maths worksheet resource. We produce work in 5 different countries, bringing the best working practice to you.

Motivated all types of learners

A huge variety of worksheet styles that stimulate, motivate and increase student attainment. Inspire all types of learners at all stages of learning.

The most up to date maths resource

As we update every year, you can relax in the knowledge that we have your back, and all curriculum changes are covered. Not only that, we regularly add enrichment materials to get you and your pupils excited about maths.

Action Maths - the new superfood for maths
  • Action Maths combines the benefits of active maths with those of exercise. Consolidate skills through fun game play.Two lessons for the price os one, maximising curriculum time
  • Fun, building a strong sense of community in the classroom
  • Physical activity can increase attention spans, reduce stress and help students learn
  • Lesson variety. Consolidate concepts and motivate pupils
  • Use in a one-to-one environment as an active learning lesson

NEW Mastery/Singapore Maths
Mastery maths is an engaging and accessible style of teaching mathematics, inspired by the approaches adopted in Singapore and Shanghai. Over 1000 pages available!

Original and Innovative

Come straight to the experts. Free of the constrains faced by traditional publishers, we spend time producing for you, giving you the best materials on the market and coming up with new, brilliantly conceived and innovative ideas, such as Calculated Colourings and Action Maths.

Time Saving

Don't waste time searching for specific materials, when our complete, ready-made resource, crafted by experts, can save your hours making 10Ticks the intelligent choice.

Increase Teaching Standards

This must-have collection is huge, with 7000+ worksheets and still growing! Our proven resource encourages teachers to find new ideas and to increase their range of maths pedagogy.

Amazing Value

We keep our costs as low as we can to support you and your school. Use pupil Premium and Primary PE and Sport Premium allocations to make your budget go further. Everything is included fro one price, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Award Winning Maths Worksheets

10ticks maths worksheets give thorough coverage of the maths national curriculum in England including the 2015 GCSE syllabus, for ages 5-16. There are two collections, one aimed at primary schools (7100+ worksheets) and one aimed at secondary schools (7900+ worksheets). 10ticks worksheets are used by millions of students worldwide, by 65% of UK secondary schools and by many discerning primary schools.

The majority of the maths worksheets give a minimum of 30-45 minutes work, some 3-4 hours! They can be used in a range of different ways, from lesson starters, to quick 10 minute tests and homework. 10ticks teachers love the variety, structure and freedom which they get.

  • An unrivalled bank of maths worksheetsAward.gif
  • Always up to date - 10ticks National Curriculum 
  • Trusted Brand
  • Amazing Value