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The Education 'Sat Nav' to create a world class, online learning environment, to suit the needs of students, schools and parents


What we can do for you!

Whether you’re a student, teacher or parent, we’ve got you covered. LearnerVerse offers the highest level of online education to suit your needs.


LearnerVerse gives you access to many great features!

VideoTeachMy Profile
This is the area where teaching and learning takes place. Flexible learning opportunities, to fit in with busy lifestyles.
Help to give your students the skills, knowledge and confidence that they need, to be able to manage their own learning.
  • Downloadable Resources
We also supply a variety of resources that students can download. From photographs to documents, from worksheets to diagrams, available as needed.
  • Active Graphs
Active graphs show students their progress. Add information about recent results plus assessment averages, for a powerful learning management tool!
  • Multimedia Assessments
Students can take assessments to monitor their progress. All assessments are based only on lessons that have been viewed.
  • Sort and Filter Results
Students can sort and filter results to help them to measure their success across different lessons, strands and subjects.
  • Academic and Non-Academic Lessons
Students have access to high quality video lessons, delivered by subject specialists. On demand lessons, available when needed.
  • Self Monitoring
Students can monitor their own progress across different subjects. They can view the lessons they have taken and revisit and share assessment results.
CareerLineData Analysis
Support your students as they make those important decisions about what qualifications to take and which career pathway to follow.
Access everything, plus data! Teachers get full access to all of the LearnerVerse features, as well as our easy to use data analysis toll.
  • Your Own E-portfolio
E-notes allows your students to produce their own unique e-portfolio, for each career chosen. Upload documents, photos, sound and film files.
  • Compare Student Progress
Compare the progress of student or group of students across lessons, subject strands or different subjects.
  • Access Career Information
Access a wealth of information about each potential career. Let out Timeline Feature tell you how to get there!
  • Set Groups
Set your own groups of students, across year groups, classes or subjects. Add or move students when you need to. You decide, it is your choice!
  • Explore Different Career Opportunities
Explore the academic and career pathways offered by different qualifications. Find out how to be successful in your chosen career.