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Get all-you-can-read magazines and newspapers to keep informed, entertained and inspired every day. PressReader connects you with the stories you love from thousands of premium publications around the world. Discover, share and talk about news that matters to you.


The Ultimate Library Solution

When it comes to newspaper and magazine solutions for libraries, there's nothing like PressReader

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  • Unlimited access and unlimited simultaneous users with one simple subscription
  • No setup or extra equipment required
  • Same-day delivery of international titles
  • Easily create and share media collections.
  • Connect on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Even from home
  • No hidden fees, no maintenance
  • Incredibly popular, cost-effective tool for small and large libraries alike
  • One account, many screens

Awesome Features

  • Personalized reading experience for every user
  • Advanced keyword search across thousands of premium titles
  • Email alerts on topics of interest
  • Translate articles or full publications into 18 languages
  • Auto deliveries for your favorite publications
  • Channels and social media sharing
  • Download full publications for later read offline
  • Enjoy PressReader from home via remote access


Our revolutionary HotSpot solution is a game-changer. Here's how it works:
  1.  We activate a PressReader HotSpot in your physical location, based on your IP address. No equipment or complicated setup is required.
  2. That's It! Your HotSpot is now live. Anyone who connect to your local WiFi will have instant, unlimited access to PressReader, no matter what smartphone, tablet or laptop they're using.
  3. PressReader users have access to the HotSpot Map, which shows the places they can go to get sponsored access to PressReader. We actually drive traffic to you.

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