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A Comprehensive School Management System that helps teachers increase their productivity, and foster greater communication between parents and teachers

SMART Solutions for Your Preschool
Qoqolo empowers teachers with SMART solutions to lessen their workload by introducing a paperless way of documentation and communication

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Save Time for Teaching

1.jpgAre you spending too much time generating progress reports for each child at the end of the semester?

In 3 steps, you can record students' learning journeys by simply capturing their artwork in a photograph, adding a caption, and tagging a student.

You can also easily evaluate students' participation in class on the go using the Qoqolo School App. Evaluated development checklists will be stored, and evaluation reports can be easily generated.

Management at a Glance

2.jpgWant to have an overview of all your students and staff?

View and manage students and staff all at once with Student Records and User Management!

Easily manage multiple schools at once with our multi-tenant system that allows you to have an overview of all your centres.

Fee management allows you to manage multiple fees at once, assign subsidies to students, and collect fees conveniently even with multiple payment modes. Invoices and receipts can also be generated easily, while fee payment reports allow you to track outstanding fees and payment history!

Administrative Tasks at Your Fingertips

3.jpgDo you find taking attendance and temperature for your students too time-consuming?

Attendance and temperature taking will no longer be a hassle with Qoqolo School App! Mark attendance by classes and view each students' attendance records online.

Our Bluetooth thermometer can be synced to the App for you to record temperatures easily.

Reports Created in Just a Few Clicks

4.jpgAre you spending too much time on generating progress reports for each child at the end of the semester?

Generate reports for attendance, portfolios and health records in just a few simple steps!

Everything is paperless and online, so creating reports will be a breeze. Portfolios have been so easy to create! Parents will be able to view reports on the Qoqolo Student App.

Teacher-Parent Communication

5.jpgNeed to inform parents of announcements and updates?

The announcements page allows you to broadcast updates to parents online, saving time and paper! Push notifications can also be sent out as updates are posted.

Class spaces will also provide parents with constant updates about class activities, and parents will be able to view them on our Qoqolo Students App.